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Freelance Articles and Op-Eds

Here are some featured articles from collaborators with Sci-Tech Policy Academy


One people, one sky

A long-form article about the organization, Astronomers Without Borders, for Stardate magazine.


Ways You Can Volunteer to Help Science & Tech Experts...

While the health professions are fighting the Coronavirus on the front lines today, there are thousands of science and technology researchers and experts who are working behind the scenes…


Ways Science & Tech Experts Can Volunteer to help with Coronavirus.

If you’re a scientist, engineer, or health professional, part of your training is to serve society. You might be wondering in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic how you can help, here’s how!


Dogs, Cats, and the Coronavirus

What do we know about dogs, cats, and the Coronavirus? Can we infect them? Can they infect us? What should we do to prepare our pets for a quarantine?


What Impact do Uber & Lyft Have on the Environment?

Many of us take Uber and Lyft, but what is our impact on the environment? How do we decide whether to take a car, bus, shared ride, or video instead?

Washington Post

20 years after my intern was killed, her alleged killer has been caught

Christine Mirzayan was an intern at the National Academy of Sciences when she was murdered in Georgetown in 1998. I was the director of the internship program when she was lost.

The Hill

Why Congress should fund social science

This piece was written in response to a proposed budget that would cut social science research to illustrate why social science research is important. This theme repeats every few years, so I am including it here although it is dated.

The Hill

Is Soil Policy an Answer to Climate Change?

This piece was written following a sponsored media trip to the Japan Prize. I became quite interested in the work of one of the winners on this topic about policies that could be taken regarding soil to reduce climate change.

The Hill

Are we doing better today than on the first Earth Day?

Although dated (the 45th anniversary of Earth Day), this brings together some interesting data.

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