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Done-for-You Services

Do you need to conduct an analysis and communicate to policymakers and the public about science and technology policy … but lack the time or expertise to get the job done?

Do you need to conduct an analysis and communicate to policymakers and the public about science and technology policy … but lack the time or expertise to get the job done?

The S&T Policy Academy’s “Done for You” Service Can Help!

Get your policymaker guides, policy briefs, case studies, program evaluations, video scripts, ghost-written book chapters, op-eds, commentary, and articles produced swiftly and to a high quality standard, through our expert policy analysis, program evaluation, and policymaker and public communication services.

If you need original data gathered from stakeholders, industry, and business owners through surveys or interviews, we can do that!

We can even coordinate and moderate stakeholder roundtables and focus group discussions on your behalf.

Plus we can serve as a neutral party to work with your faculty and staff to produce a coordinated policymaker guide or policy brief.

Much of our “Done for You” work is confidential, so it cannot be shared. Here is a look at some of our public products to give you a sense of the types of content and resources we can produce for you:

Public Resources

You can also click here to see a full list of freelance articles and op-eds. Here are some examples:


One people, one sky

A long-form article about the organization, Astronomers Without Borders, for Stardate magazine.


Ways You Can Volunteer to Help Science & Tech Experts...

While the health professions are fighting the Coronavirus on the front lines today, there are thousands of science and technology researchers and experts who are working behind the scenes…


Ways Science & Tech Experts Can Volunteer to help with Coronavirus.

If you’re a scientist, engineer, or health professional, part of your training is to serve society. You might be wondering in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic how you can help, here’s how!

Illustrative Policy Academy Topics

And here are some illustrative unpublished analyses:

Development of an interdisciplinary research and education strategy for a university.

Review of draft policies for shale gas development for a state government agency.

Analysis of science, technology, and innovation programs at federal agencies for a nongovernmental organization.

Synthesis of white papers and recommendations to an incoming U.S. president’s transition team for a nongovernmental organization.

Descriptive analysis of methods used by organizations to set research priorities for a research field for a consulting firm.

Development of proposals for potential funding and becoming part of the team to implement the proposal should it receive funding for non-profit and academic organizations.

Conduct focus groups to independently gather information from current or potential participants in a program or activity for non-profit and academic organizations.

Process for working with the Science & Technology Policy Academy "Done for You” Service

  1. Introductory consultation to understand your needs, desired outcome, timeframe, and budget. Book your free 45-minute Customized Solution Discovery Call here!
  2. Proposal that summarizes the discussion, provides the statement of work, identifies the timeframe, and the project cost. If requested, several options can be provided for you to choose from.
  3. Formal paperwork is processed once an agreement is in place.
  4. Work begins.
  5. You receive regular weekly updates on the progress of the project each Friday. If possible, draft products will be provided, so you can ensure that the resulting product will meet your needs.
  6. Penultimate product is provided to you for feedback for a pre-specified time period.
  7. Work ends. You receive the finished product and an optional personal briefing in case you or your staff have any questions.

Do you have questions about S&T Policy Academy services?